Most earnestly

Across the breadth

Height and depth alike

Sound of many waters accompanies

Redemptive pulse lovingly and jealously pursuing

Four winds join in joyous applause lacing background track

Applauding timeless spectacle wielding first and last exclusive signature

Universal awe decoding those blazing eyes divinely glowing before all things

┬ęThe Blazing Trail 2021


There was this jackpot syndrome playing games at me all along my path as I grew up. If the ultimate breakthrough was not going to be at a lottery, then it would be among the gamblers in a casino some place or a lottery at another. I was always expecting it, anxiously so. It felt this close yet elusive. I burnt my fingers a few times with con men, tripped and bruised my toes often in hostile terrains. Continue reading “THE “LIGHT” FACTOR”

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