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Peculiar signal

How it captivates with intricate detail

Where higher heights are scaled

Upward bound

And a delve to the deeper is standard


Solid rock foundation


There will be fresh discoveries beyond the horizons

Goodbye bid

To inviting familiar planes

The world begins to change

Signs and wonders in Siamese accompaniment

When deep calls out to deep


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If the follicles of my head could be numbered

Their contents alike

Each strand in intricate detail

Then I get the impression

When all is said and done

It will be ok


The turns and twists could come calling

Every lap presents a unique set of these

Element of surprise stalking

There is no telling how many landmines to expect

By design or accident

Pleasant surprises could come pouring

Showers of blessing in drench

Spelling change of plan in extreme delight

Anything coul happen

Yet in spite of it all I know

It will be ok


Here it is

Race that must be run

Golden threshold


My onus

Relishing every single moment

Each tiny bit of it


One way blaze


To the ultimate

Best that could be

I know it is true

If the follicles of my head could be numbered

Their contents with them

It will be okay

Without a shadow of doubt

Circuit that just began


He is before all things

In him

All things hold together

Happy New Year!


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22/07/2013 — 2 Comments

Bits and pieces

Of the same piece

Falling in place


Preserve of eternity

Enclosed within the footpath


True in outlook

Noble in substance



Lovely in feel

And admirable

Adorned with excellence

Praiseworthy in domain


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