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16/12/2013 — 2 Comments

Without a hint

Or warning

It descended upon us

A scene from dream world

Loaded with event

Wonderland manifest

Where wishes reign supreme

With horses in their hosts

We were caught-in


 Spell bound

Drenched in divine grip

Loving embrace




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Some things just never change! It’s probably a proverb worthy of reflection that old habits die hard. From a layman’s point of view to the rocket scientist’s interpretation, some element of undisputed truth dwells in there. There exists a silent line in the broad scheme of things. A defining boundary beyond which self subtly and definitively translates to divine, almost with a tone of finality…fatally so. In tension filled successive sweeping waves characteristic of the self destruct, moments tick by. As sure as the sunset, it is only a matter of time! Always. Continue Reading…