A sight to behold in the night of wonder

What a vision

Staring expectantly far beyond

Sun moon and stars shining in cheerful chorus glorious

Amid eventful Westward trod above hump‘s vintage preserve

Intelligent stares frantically zoomed in scenes shaping up from far horizon

Sustained bid against time showcasing celestial background spectacle

To unravel mystery prominent beyond yonder

Dramatically unfolding real-time


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Standing out among multiplicity of dialects shades and wavelengths

Magnanimously reaches out in unifying embrace so timeless and universal

Pulsating in sustained tempo and intense essence of purpose

Mystery of course and time lights up the eventful trail in yielding fashion

Mesmerizing interconnection painting irresistible bliss of love and compassion unending

Creatively carved out of the culture


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Capping above apex of the seventh tone it resounds in electrifying blare

Setting the six senses alight with wonder and color magnificent

It roars below the ladder’s threshold in simultaneous rumble

Synchrony unmatched in precision of symphony contrast

Such exploits oozing endlessly from the eighth note

Live in action captivating


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Captivity reels with effect at the sound of freedom

Joy exuberant greets the air in glorious resounding echo

There are rays of hope glowing with eternal radiance

Giving sight liberating to the eye

Soul soars buoyantly like a kite in unrestrained eventful flight

No care holds back in aftermath ever after

In the face of  decisive intervention

By the chain breaker


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Love indescribable

Hero’s true signature displayed in triumph’s chorus

Selfless pulse resonates across the seven seas in glorious trail

Spectacle mesmerizing from peak above the mountain

To depths beneath the sea

Joy and desire of the cultures in their multi-lingual notation

It’s all ears in the face of awesome view unfolding

Like sentimental peruse of a universal love story book

Pages flip in soothing ballad toward thrilling culmination marked

There are fruits


Then apple

Of the eye


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Rousing emotion like the breakthrough gush of a water drill

Punctuating eventful flow with sentimental sparkle

Like words dancing in spectacular synchronous display

Sights and visions come merging in heart thrilling blend

Defining essence saturating within

Hailing from beneath skillful root flavor

Relaying in wavy motion tranquil


Of the background track


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Like a grand lens studiously panning the universe circumference

Discreet fashion clicking away moments within lifetime event

Shutters meticulously relaying signal in intricate detail

Vivid images come scrolling their way into the gallery universal embed

Not a frame evades the blazing gaze encased

Mystery master watch cardinal

Watching the watchers


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The rainbow is sparkling in multiple hues

Stunning burst of creativity unusual

Inspiring awe beyond spectrum limits


Filling the air with wondrous intensity

Color of love redefined in plush rhythm

Stars twinkling for joy in wake

It’s the nostalgia

Cascading down in avalanche

That’s painting it all in beauty memorable

Beyond description

Heart captivated helplessly


Sol-fa notation bursts its banks

Echoes of glory

Anchored round that very first symphony

Childhood memories come suddenly alive

In nostalgic avalanche sentimental

Beautiful glow

That won’t go away ever

Love overflows in the air

Winding through in continental cardinal course

Compelling cause from dawn meager to prominence unprecedented

Peace and hope beheld



© The Blazing Trail 2015


The music plays

Aura saturating the air with mesmerize intense

Hearts flow out

Painting magnificent image in multilingual collage of sentimental expression

Birds chirp in early morning breeze awe laden

Inspiration arises

Creativity on an all-time high

Symphonies sync

In simultaneous beat of tale and search

Up and down the sofa notation

What is love


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