Five senses with finality astounding

Grasshoppers troupe in signature helter skelter dance pattern

Reeling with effect from arba’s nerve center

Strumming sixth sense with rare gusto against the grain

Duet’s offensive glow routes fort’s core in spectacular fashion

Tumbling definitively in face of His glorious majesty

He is before all things

In him

All things hold together

© The Blazing Trail 2019


“…It blows as it pleases, you hear its sound but cannot tell where it comes from or where it’s going…like the Sound of the Wind.”

The Patriot hurriedly rose to his feet and rubbed his eyes vigorously like one in a daze. He quickly glanced at his side reaching out for his javelin stuck on to the ground then strode forth in what was reminiscent of a-tiptoe to collect his shoes. His heart was racing as he bent to fasten the straps on, his eyes warily darting to the left and right simultaneously! Continue reading “SOUND OF THE WIND”

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