Archives For 2016

Clean slate sparkles in wake

Scented breath

Lacing the early lush meadow grandeur

In modulating gentle gush


Birds chirp in lofty chorus

Inspiring soul beyond limits

Kites floating effortlessly within prominent aura

Cast upon the clear expansive sky crisp


No care accosts the heart

When the morning comes


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Hope calls out within spectacular of the  streams arraying the horizon

Smiling captivatingly from the giant ball sparkling in epicenter

She reverberates round the globe in reaffirming embrace

Beyond limits of the sky

A cool breeze sweeps past in uplifting universal hum

Flowing in Interlude strum

As magnificence embodied descends in majestic zoom out

Spurring core of the heart with invigorating balm

Flicker unquenched


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