Continued from XIII…

And so, the story ends! The ominous pull of gravity was momentarily suspended as the formidable tag team, showcasing grace and faith rent the air in decisive takeover. Destiny’s stellar shone in magnificent show steal. It was the gleeful feel of riding on the eagle’s wings as the masterpiece craft took to the clear blue morning sky in spectacular fashion. The radiance of the sun ushered a new day in glorious chords of happily ever after.

She had on numerous occasions heard accounts of one who came to seek and save that which was lost. Heralding “salvation from our enemies and from the hand of all who hate us—to show mercy to our ancestors and to remember his holy covenant, the oath he swore to our father Abraham: to rescue us from the hand of our enemies, and to enable us to serve him without fear in holiness and righteousness before him all our days.”

Hers was the breaking of the beast’s jaw and snatching the hapless prey from its fangs. It had been a rescue form the pits of oblivion. And how true it stood out that the battle was not hers. In her dismal eighth fall, way beyond the salvage of the seven falls of the righteous, mercy had lifted her and embraced her back to love, in spite of her feeble strength and against all hope. How could it be!

She had a story to tell, a timeless inspiration henceforth sensationally anchored on the 11th enclave of the hall of fame. Daughters of Abraham awaited her address upon touch down with abated breath. They would behold the beauty thereof with absolute abandon, ever-after.

The End.

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Continued from XII

Pandemonium unbridled descended upon the five senses in multi-fashion relentless manifest. Who would have seen this historic phenomenon come! How was anyone to be possibly prepared for the incredible live melodrama!

The craft’s engines roared in triumphant proclamation that tore through the nations with the buoyant sound of freedom. And what a victorious acclamation! She glanced round the craft’s smiting interior with its ambience overflowing with love.

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Continued from XI

You could feel the music simmer deep in the bone marrow. Spurts of life, victory and power gushed forth from the depths of the soul in rising proportions. Just then, all hell seemed to break loose as the monumental walls came tumbling down without warning. Suddenly, there was pandemonium unequaled in proportion as the siege broke out in triumphant fashion.

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Just when it seemed like it was all over, all lost and helplessly hurtling down for dark and gloom, Light of the world appeared, giving the impossible an eternal turn around; a magnificent rebound that set the heart alive, filled with hope divine, and a glorious song of salvation! Happy Blessed Easter Season!

There was a violent earthquake, for an angel of the Lord came down from heaven and, going to the tomb, rolled back the stone and sat on it – Matt 28:2.


Continued from last week…

The sound of music set the goose bumps ablaze in a whirlwind frenzy. It was like the sound of a divine orchestra, that filled the air with such glorious radiance. The beat spoke of a victory so mighty and magnificent, beyond comprehension.

It proclaimed of mysteries and blessings before time, of foundations firmly established long before the visual order. The advancing beat amplified the sound of freedom that rent the air in spectacular fashion. Theme of strength in weakness was at the center of it all, akin that indomitable ride on eagle’s wings.

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Continued from last week…

The heart knows best. She supposed it was so true of her as she beheld this glorious moment. And what a phenomenon! Springing right from the nerve center, it had resiliently and surprising lunged forth in full throttle, engulfing her in every sense of the word. This love so pure and true now had her every faculty. Effectively numbing her every faculty with a love so pure and true.

There was no wide berth in the offing far as it went. And how could it be that this monumental love, this precious gift that she had not initiated was all hers all at once!

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Continued from VIII…

As her unusual guests hurriedly slid into the hillside, she heard her dad’s affirming voice once more: “Apple of the Fathers Eye Forever!” She emotionally stared in the dark, lost for word, then waved the twin twigs of flax in her hand at the diminishing silhouettes, almost unaware of it.

How these two had in one day turned her world upside down, permanently altering her life. “To gratitude and to destiny!” Came her involuntary exclamation amid her sustained wave. Her mind seemed to linger in wonder of whether she would ever see the mystery duet again.

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Thank-you for the new day, new dawn and the renewed hope driving

Thank for the clean slate and horizons arising in optimistic invitation

For the showers of blessing gathering in grace filled mercies above 

And for your love unending, guiding affirmingly from victory to victory

Thank-you for the new day now here, unfolding in gloriously forward

Give thanks to the LORD, for He is good; His Love endures forever – Ps. 118:1


Continued from last week…

There was no sight of red roses. Not this time round. Yet it seemed this moment was potent with more than just the norm. The gist of the surprise gift felt more in the discernable presence of a fourth invisible guest whose fragrance filled the room. She could almost touch him!

And what a thrilling development out of nowhere, or did she have it coming for a while! She knew it when a day presented more than met the eye. And all at once her heart was leaving nothing to speculation; This would be a valentines day to remember!

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