A sight to behold in the night of wonder

What a vision

Staring expectantly far beyond

Sun moon and stars shining in cheerful chorus glorious

Amid eventful Westward trod above hump‘s vintage preserve

Intelligent stares frantically zoomed in scenes shaping up from far horizon

Sustained bid against time showcasing celestial background spectacle

To unravel mystery prominent beyond yonder

Dramatically unfolding real-time


Hope sparkled in magnificent relish

Still more questions than answers greeted the grand caravan en-route

Life’s purpose and meaning fleeting in mirage mystique

The epicenter irresistibly drew in twirl of promise

For the moment of reckoning and essence unveil

Explorer’s zest propelled exuberantly

Goodwill dawning upon the realm in refreshing fragrance

Savored from dense of the cypress pinnacle plume

Priceless spice of life indispensable

Ever after


©The Blazing Trail 2016

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