Chronicles of The Dinosaurs

We have heard of those olden accounts, astounding in prominence, immeasurable in detail, unmatched in history. In some ways it’s felt like the sensational tales of grand fictional manifest…yet there is something about it! A dazzling enigma authentically joining the dots of time through the civilizations in confounding accuracy, resolutely shooting forward to what is clearly a destined end…For he is before all things and in him all things hold together.

Bearing a strong affinity to controversy, it’s reminiscent of here and now as it was there and then; the critical-mass of history. It brilliantly rises in an infinite spectacular display, anchored in unwavering consistency and promise, flooding humanity with liberating light and life. This very essence is with us, even now, forming the fore and rear of The Blazing Trail in a definitive fashion, bidding one and all to be part of the grand entourage.

It’s the mystery that won’t go away till the quest is established and accomplished…to the latter. And so the cause unwaveringly moves on, devastatingly ensnaring skeptic and pessimist in a muddle whilst towering as a glistening spectacle and focal point for the seeker and realist alike. Echoes of The Blazing Trail!


There was commotion as Alpha began to address the steadily growing crowd of curious onlookers. The rising split public opinion on the controversy surrounding his real identity and origin was beginning to boil over with his detractors largely consisting of great scholars and sacred luminaries, desperately keen on an opportunity to ensnare him.

They accused him of being an impostor since they solely commanded exclusive custodianship of all divine truth embodied in their ancestor and mighty patriarch, AB, who had gladly passed the heritage baton to them, guaranteeing them bona fide access to the coveted divine order and the citizenry therein.

In a dramatic twist of events, they assembled an elaborate assortment of antiquated metallic desktops and brought forth numerous jumbo floppy discs that they asserted contained vital details pertinent to their authoritative position. There were chuckles and gurgles of laughter from the tickled crowd as the literati animatedly spanked at their highly treasured huge machines that were booting in slow motion, with majority of the raw analogue display malfunctioning.

Alpha watched the unfolding scenario in utter disbelief as the war of words intensified amid the malfunctioning crisis. The luminaries were taking issue with Alpha’s uncorroborated claims that were seriously denting his credibility and legitimacy compared to their superior standing. They went on a bare knuckle tackle at him, casting a slur on his moral standing at birth.

“How come I remain hidden from you? It is me you would be seeing if only you were properly decoding the immense knowledge evidently at your disposal. Why has your perspective remained only backward. You have been unable to move on for over four centuries! It is no wonder I remain a stranger to you!” Shot a perturbed Alpha.

Chronicles of The Dinosaurs“These rusty dinosaur chronicles you are so blindly and obsessively holding onto were all pointing at me, every single page painting a small part of the preamble. You should have been constantly updating for the sake of your ultimate liberation. You have fallen so ominously far behind the track. You are not in sight of your escape route!

“Can’t you see? Your rigid perspective is clearly denying you your grand moment of freedom.” Exclaimed an evidently shocked Alpha. “The lens through which you are looking at it all is stealing from you such a crucial opportunity. Your ship is headed for the rocks fellows! And you are its unfortunate sailors! The endless miasma of analysis is not making it any easier either. Darkness is beckoning! Our contrasting domains are regrettably headed for a head on collision! My conscience is clean though.” He continued as his audience began to breathe fire, offended at his allusion their sense of freedom was a synonym for blindness!

“Though your intellectual mastery of the chronicles is second to none, yet surprisingly and sadly so, you became none-of-it in real-life. Your contradictory hostility against me and the very ideals you should be modeling here and now is not without explanation thus. I am the litmus paper that makes the distinction between the two: Knowledge and experience.

“The saddest bit is you have no idea what I’m talking about even now! Haven’t you heard? The saying is so true that ‘It takes more than just being a hearer!’ You ought to have remained on schedule all along for this all defining culmination! It’s sad to note you will be missing in action.'” When he spoke, it was with a remarkable tone of finality.

The mood of the heated exchange was zeroing at his maturity,with focus turning on his four decade long sense of prominence. Alpha was leaving no gray areas this time round. He went straight for the jugular, coming suddenly from behind the scenes to declare himself the underlying essence of their patriarch’s cause and the driving catalyst behind all that had existed before him!

It was the uppercut that floored the giant in an instant, the salvo that shook the Nations to their core, the line that momentarily put a distinction between truth and deception. It was the signature that blurred the rest for good,the light that distinguished life from oblivion and the proclamation that resounded all across the universe in awesome majesty.  Alpha stood as the undisputable hero who overshadowed the manikins!

Anger, cursing and name calling filled the air as they sought boulders to eliminate him. To have their patriarch hero relegated to a mere forerunner was an assault they would not take lying down. They looked for him but could not find him. One moment he had been with them, the next moment he was gone…vanished in thin air! But then, this was so characteristic of him…just like him. The distinction that underlined the mystique behind Alpha the Majestic!

©The Blazing Trail 2012

All rights reserved

21 thoughts on “Chronicles of The Dinosaurs

  1. When you have your novel published please keep us informed as I would love to purchase the tales of Alpha the Majestic.


      1. Why wouldn’t you see that coming? Honest question…you have a beautiful gift and an even better talent that you have honed..Why wouldn’t you write a novel…You have mastered the craft you are not only a great storyteller but a wordscraft. And I would purchase your novel!


        1. Wow! You are such a gracious encourager Lyn.It almost leaves me no choice! Lets see what happens.Before then,I want you to know i am greatly inspired by your sincere sentiments.Cheers!


  2. Dinosaurs fascinates every kids & it fascinated me as well and it still does. You added some freshness to al we’ve heard about Dinosaurs.


  3. Hi, Blazing Trail. Thought I’d check out your blog and I like what I have read. Thanks for visiting my blog and liking some of my posts. It means a lot.
    Caio for now.


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