The Moment

The city lights shone at a distance filling the skyline with such great magnificence. The silhouettes of the couple riding through the plains were gradually growing distinct. It had been quiet between them for sometime now. She pensively gazed at the lights and suddenly felt a flicker of thrill run through her.  Any time now! She thought to herself as she felt so effortlessly pulled into the epicenter of the unfolding picture. Destiny! She knew it was coming.

This night many reflections were flooding her mind. She had been almost a spectator in a bitter-sweet nine month journey, yet the reality of this whole picture whose moment of reckoning was right before them was such a tangible one to be wished away. It was the feeling of being at the centre of an overwhelmingly mysterious spectacle that deepened the anxiety within her. She felt her heart skip a beat as the lights glamorously danced in a momentary blink.

She thought of her childhood for instance, celestial contacts had been more a fairy tale than reality. She recalled with such nostalgia that Saturday afternoon as the visitor stood before her with the breathtaking news. How had he gained entry to her room? How could it have been true in the first place? She hadn’t even seen it come! She had on numerous occasions since so desperately wanted him to come back and help her deal with her upside down world which he had created.

A part of her badly wanted to believe it was a dream-a delusion of sorts. Yet no matter how hard she tried, she could do nothing to erase that beginning from the story line or at the very least alter it to a more familiar outlook. She recalled how one thing had led to another in the ensuing months, almost as if they did not exist and here they were at culmination, or so it seemed.

She remembered the day she began nursing the idea they were under a spell! Following her visitation, it had felt like being thrown into a mysterious wave; a blazing scheduled current that was driving her further and further from the shore. She felt a soft kick within her once again! Number nine! She thought to herself and instinctively sensed the tenth hour was at hand! A sentimental glow rose within her with heightened anticipation. She tried to keep it all to herself but had to admit there were days she would have had more success here.

“Everything okay dear?” He gently broke the silence. “Yes!” She replied almost immediately, “I’ll be fine.” She had not missed the concern in his voice. How supportive he had been. She had many times struggled to understand how he had managed to keep his head up through the rough terrain that had formed their courtship and brief marriage. His resilience had radiated so much energy all through. She loved the dream part of him. It had constantly reaffirmed her humanity through the drama!

It was a beehive of activity within the city environs as they made their way in. The last seventy-two hours had seen the city come unusually alive with many rushing to beat the deadline on the government exercise underway.

She looked behind her one last time as the city gate came to view. She could see almost nothing. She felt the past fade off so fast within her leaving her with the moment before her as her lone focus. This felt very familiar only this time there was this intense build up of something! A peak. The set up was sealed. She felt trapped and desperately tried to look around for signs of her visitor cheering her on during this moment. She so longed for a glimpse of it.
There was so much power surrounding this moment within her yet no external indication to underline its significance. This had been the one factor that had constantly nagged her all along, yet she dared believe the pieces were falling in place regardless-it was all she could do to fight back a surging wave of doubt the last nine months had been one huge lie.

“You’ve been very quiet!”

“So have you!”She curiously added. “This is all so strange! How did we get here? I just want to pause a bit and really find myself! What’s going on? We once had a normal life! Everything is happening so fast can’t you see?!The visitor and his strange words! Dad should have heeded my advice earlier when I told him we needed a bigger lock for the door to my room! Then there’s everything we’ve been through. This is all just too much to comprehend in one life time!” He pondered over briefly. He had lately encountered numerous similar instances and was learning to be strong.

“This is beyond us honey, grandiose! I have grappled with so many questions and every time I find myself going back to the same place: Way beyond us. We are only doing our part to fulfill a far greater picture. We’ve done all we could, all we were supposed to do. All we can do now is wait!”

“Why us?”

“Because this is the way it was designed to be. Life! And now it is unfolding to be, just when and the way it was meant to be. We are at the centre of it all somehow. It’s almost in explainable! It’s unfolding! This is the mystery that will engulf all who will be part of his story.”

“Whose story?”

“The Child’s!”

“How do you know this-another dream?”

“I don’t know! Just feels as if everything that’s happened, everything that’s happening, still everything that’s to happen is all because of him!” He is the big picture! The essence within all!

“What are you talking about? His present is yet to begin!”
“I don’t know! Just the way it feels!”

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  1. I am intrigued with your story – can’t wait to continue it. ~ Blessings Patty


      1. To be honest,I just read one piece.I can’t wait to read the other ones once I’m done with my work, your articles sound very interesting,i will read all of them inshallah ( with god willing) .They’re longish and I want to not be hasty when reading them. Still,from the story I read, I can tell you’re a great writer 🙂


  2. Hi,

    I started reading at the very beginning to see what your blog is about. The beginning reminds me of a retelling of the Christ story.Was that the inspiration? Your writing is intriguing and seems to take off from there, it seems into a whole new direction.
    Thanks for liking my post Foreign Affairs.
    Johanna van Zanten


    1. Hi Joannah! Now this is so interesting!I like your approach…”first things first!”Actually that first article was on pdf sometime December last year.Did you go to ‘The Epitome’ next?Guess what! one of the characters in the developing plot goes by the name Joannah?!!! For real…have a look at ‘The Road Map’ for instance! Thanks and see you around!


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